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​What are the categories of sunglasses?


Sunglasses are a type of UV-protective eyewear typically used during outdoor activities. Sunglasses can be divided into several categories based on different designs and functions.

Polarized glasses: Can block reflected light and reduce eye fatigue. Suitable for use in water sports, skiing, alpine climbing and other activities.

Lens color classification:

Gray Lenses: The most basic sunglasses, suitable for most outdoor activities.

Green lenses: suitable for situations where the intensity of the sun is weak, and have better color reproduction.

Brown lenses: suitable for places with strong reflected light, such as beaches, mountains, etc.

Red or pink lenses: suitable for hazy or sunny days to increase contrast.

Material classification:

Glass lenses: Good scratch resistance, but heavy and prone to shattering.

Resin lenses: Light and comfortable, but have poor scratch resistance and are easily scratched.

PC lenses: Strong impact resistance, suitable for use in extreme environments, but poor scratch resistance.

Frame classification:

Metal frames: heavier, but better toughness.

Plastic frames: lightweight and comfortable, but less tough.

In addition to the above categories, sunglasses also have some special functions, such as wind and sand prevention, anti-fog, night vision, etc. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses, you need to choose according to your needs.

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