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KINGSEVEN® is one of the famous China Optical Frames manufacturers and suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of Optical Frames.

As a business company with multi-business development, we have also set up a special department for prescription glasses, including testing, customization, transportation and other services. All types of optical lenses can be customized, such as anti-blue light myopia, progressive multifocal, prism lenses, Photochromic, colored lenses and more. The prescription department is a team with professional medical certificates, providing professional services to dedicated personnel. And we have been getting good reviews from customers, and the one that suits you is the best.

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Ultralight Titanium Alloy Optical Glasses

Ultralight Titanium Alloy Optical Glasses

Ultralight Titanium Alloy Optical Glasses are popular prescription glasses.The frame is made of high-quality titanium alloy material, weighing only 2.5g. The temples are soft and elastic, with a metal memory effect. 360-degree opening and closing, not easy to deform, comfortable to wear without any pressure. Supports customized prescription lenses, precise data production, and polished ultra-light lenses. Simple frameless design, fashionable and versatile. Welcome your purchase

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KINGSEVEN® is one of professional Optical Frames manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our high quality, classy and durable Optical Frames is made in China. Welcome to our factory wholesale products. Our factory has a brand and will provide you with free samples, price lists, and buy discounts. Our factory also has a lot of inventory, so you can buy with confidence.
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